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Private Investigator - Response Team Supervisor

Due to the recent increased demands for private security and investigation services, Sentry Security & Investigations is seeking Private Investigator - Response Team Supervisors across North Dakota and Minnesota to join the team.

Summary Description

The Private Investigator - Security Response Team Supervisor is a two-part position with duties related to private investigation and private security.  The qualified individual is self-motivated with integrity and a willingness to put in the extra effort.  They have the ability to adapt and work with a multitude of different people and situations.

The individual has the ability to work independently, demonstrates a professional image, maturity, self-confidence, positive attitude and is a great communicator.

Private Investigator 

The Private Investigator will provide a variety of investigation services to a diverse set of clients.

Security Response Team Supervisor 

The Security Response Team is a division of Sentry Security & Investigations that provides security officers who respond to short-notice, short-term and temporary security assignments.  The assignments may consist of a security post in retail stores over the holiday seasons, special events, fire watch, constructions sites, filling shifts to cover time off for regular staff or providing additional officers when clients request additional security coverage.

The Security Response Team Supervisor (Supervisor) is an experienced security officer or senior employee who has the responsibility for recruiting, field training, coordinating and supervision of security officers working in the area assigned.

These obligations are in addition to, not in replacement of, the Supervisor's job duties and responsibilities as a security officer.  Therefore, the Supervisor has two separate but equally important areas of responsibility.  First, the Supervisor must work security shifts as any other security officer.

Second, the Supervisor is responsible for being an effective supervisor for security personnel and must possess strong organizational skills and demonstarte the ability to prioritize and coordinate logistics with the management team and field personnel.

The Supervisor must maintain professionalism, professional appearance, and positive attitude to establish and maintain effective working relationships with management, field personnel, clients, and the public.

Private Investigator Job Duties 

The Investigator duties include but are not limited to the summary description as indicated above and the following:

  • The Investigator reports to Management
  • Conduct private, government and background investigations
  • Conduct both stationary and mobile surveillance
  • Conduct location searches and process service
  • Conduct in-depth interviews and provide written and recorded statements
  • Conduct Internet and social media investigations
  • Write investigative reports including investigation summaries, comprehensive reports, interview statement, etc.
  • Ensure time and expenses are properly documented and timely submitted
  • Work with Forensic Accounting affiliate on Financial Investigations

Security Response Team Supervisor Job Duties 

The Supervisor duties include but are not limited to the summary description as indicated above and the following:

  • The Supervisor reports to Management
  • Oversee the day-to-day activities, including scheduling of staff
  • Oversee the quality of security officers services, including conducting quarterly employee evaluations
  • Complete HR duties, including recruiting applicants, prescreen applicants, process applicant paperwork, and maintain proper employee files
  • Endure training requirements are met by all security employees
  • Process Pre-payroll and billing data, including review and reconciliation of time sheets
  • New client set up and on-going client maintenance
  • Keep account procedures up to date and staff updated as necessary
  • Ensure equipment and vehicles (if applicable) are maintained
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned


Skills include but not limited to:

  • Have a strong background in performing a variety of investigations
  • Have a proficiency in use of surveillance and recording equipment
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills
  • Have excellent computer skills and is proficient in Excel, Word, Outlook, and various Internet search engines
  • Be highly organized and have a meticulous attention to detail
  • Have a strong work ethic
  • Excels at operating in a diverse and fast paced environment
  • Have a commitment to high professional ethical standards
  • Can provide leadership and vision in supervising staff
  • Is able to make decisions quickly and communicate effectively
  • Is able to delegate responsibilities effectively

 Private Investigator Requirements 

  • Prefer, but do not require, an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice or field related to private investigations
  • Prefer prior investigative experience or willingness to take investigation training courses
  • Must have the ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Must have a flexible schedule to work varied / irregular hours, days, nights, and weekends
  • Must have the ability and willingness to travel, including overnight stays
  • Must have reliable transportation that will be used for investigations / surveillance
  • A background check to include criminal and driving record will be completed

Supervisor Requirements 

Minimum requirements:

  • Must meet the qualifications for registration as a Security Officer
  • Must have a minimum of 2000 hours of verifiable security experience
  • Must have a valid driver's license and an acceptable DMV record
  • Must have a minimum of two (2) years of verifiable supervisory experience in security, law enforcement or military
  • Must have flexibility and adaptability to work a variety of different shifts as requested by the clients
  • Must have the ability to travel to work locations across the state

This is a Part-time / Full-time position with compensation ranging from $18 to $26 per hour depending upon qualifications and experience.

Please complete the on line job application here.

        Patrol and Guard Officers

Our mission is to enhance life and safety utilizing the finest integrated security solutions, while providing a genuine opportunity for personal growth and career advancement for our employees.

The duties of the Patrol and Guard officers include but are not limited to the following:


  • Provide a deterance by providing a uniformed presence in the area.
  • Observe properties for unsafe, unsecure and unusual activities.
  • Write detailed daily reports of occurrences as necessary.

Our company offers:

  • A competitive wages that is above industry standards.
  • Full, Part, and Weekend shifts.
  • Ability to promote within the company.
  • Direct Deposit.

Minimum requirements:

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Must have HS Diploma or GED
  • Must pass Background checks
  • Patrol officers must have clean driving record

Preferred candidates would have prior security, law enforcement or military security/police experience.

Please complete the on line application here.

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